Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Mr. Gahan, why have you ordered Horseshoe Casino signs to be taken down?

* Brandon's House
* Greenway 
* Rauch Inc.
* Cancer Care Center

* Business Loans
* New Albany Police Fire Department
* NAFC School System
* NAFC Parks Department
* Howard Steamboat Museum Inc.
* Floyd County VFW
* Floyd County Community Corrections
* Friends of the Culbertson Mansion Inc.
* Animal Shelter
* St. Marks
* Community Park 
* Floyd County Head Start 
* Division Street School
* Scholarships
* Carnegie Center 
* St. John's Lodge

The above list is just a few of the hundreds of grants handed out in Southern Indiana.

Also, "Mr.BULLY," Roger A. Baylor received a $50,000 HFFC Small Business Loan too. 

We at Freedom of Speech are confused. Why is Mr. Gahan doing this?  Is it the bylaws that state: that a democrat and a republican must be allowed to sit on the Horseshoe Foundation Board? 

Or, is it because the Horseshoe Foundation refused to give him $$$$ for "HIS" Water Park and Sports Complex? 

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

The consequences of what could happen as the casino has the freedom to purchase huge billboards to replace any inconsequential signs Gahan might remove. And they can work with local businesses in the city to have space on their properties to erect signs there.

Our final thoughts:

How petty, juvenile and ungracious you have become, Mr. Gahan.  It is not a forward thinking plan as it would be a smack in the casino's face. and burning bridges that should NOT be burned. This is cutting off your nose to spite your face and if we were you, I'd think twice about doing something so incredibly shallow and stupid.

Considering the history of this current administration, such behavior is really only icing on the cake of a series of ridiculously destructive typical short sighted maneuvers....

Shame on you  Mr. Gahan!

The gifts of the Horseshoe Foundation will continue to shape our community.