Wednesday, August 14, 2013


We are all familiar with our public schools. You might have attended one, or your children might go to one, or you might be familiar with the one down the street from you. But most of you are NOT familiar with what happens at School Board meetings.

Case in point: News & Tribune article: New Albany-Floyd County approves bonds, August 13, 2013.

Every governing body from top to bottom needs at least one member who will stand up for us taxpayers. The only one we see is School Board member Rebecca Gardenour period. 

What the hell is wrong with the rest of you?

Why are they wasting our tax dollars?

More money is spent on facilities construction and maintenance than is necessary and budgets are NOT based on what things actually cost.

Teachers feel disenpowered. Students feel apathetic. Parents feel frustrated. And many taxpayers 
\feel in the dark.

Our readers need to wake up and see where they are spending our hard earned tax dollars and besides next year is an election year for some school board members.

 Mrs. Gardenour and we quote "I have a problem with, three years ago in the expedditure reduction, it ask to close down Galena," then Gardenour said. "And yet now, we're going to pour more money into Galena. We were telling the community, the parents, the teachers, who were going to save this school, and now were going to turn around and spend $1 million on it."

She also stated: "though the $270,000 may get Galena's projected started, she thought the district would end up spending more than that."

In case your dementia is acting up this afternoon. In 2010, our local school board closed other schools including Galena as part of a cost-saving initiative. 

Freedom of Speech would like to say:

The idea that our deputy superintendent Brad Snyder and DJ Hines school board president would mislead  us taxpayers is truly appalling and sickening!

Mrs. Gardenour has this exactly right. Enough of the wasteful spending.

Our final thoughts: The following four members sitting on our school board deserve to be voted out of office in next years 2014 election. Remember these four names:

* DJ Hines
* Roger Whaley
* Mark Boone
* Jan Anderson.

The following four school board members are nothing but lap dogs for Brad Snyder. We ask our readers to become informed school board voters in 2014.  These four members "are not fit to sit on our school board" and they don't give a damn about We the Taxpayers.

Bravo, Mrs. Gardenour. 

We need five more citizens like Mrs. Gardenour sitting on our School Board!