Friday, August 02, 2013


We were NOT surprised at today's disclosure and announcement about the City Controllers job. The sad part, right there in print was another Gahan Twenty Million $$$$ Lie.

Check this out:

Gahan's statement: "I think Linda Moeller is the perfect person for the controller's office," Gahan said "She has had quite a few years of municipal experience dealing with the DLGF (Department of Local Government). I think she will be an excellent fit for New Albany."

Moeller's statement: "It's going to be a new challenge for me, "Moeller said from her office on Thursday," I think it will help me grow professionally, I will be doing things I have NEVER done before and tackling new projects."

Damn Jeff, she was the County Clerk. She knows nothing about City government nor has she ever really dealt with DLGF. Yes, she has worked with the State Board of Accounts and her County Budget, for her own office but that's it..

Our question to Mr. Gahan is this: Why has it taken over a year to publish the 2012 Year End Financial statements - one of the most essential and basic task of any mayor - a clear indication of inept management.

The city is supposed to maintain infrastructure, safety, trash pick up, not "on the job training" for a new controller.. That's not what we pay taxes for.

We need a Controller with a financial background to help this City not a former County Clerk who yearns to stay in the public eye because she is running for Auditor in 2014 and it's our opinion, Moeller isn't qualified for that job either. 

Our final thoughts:

Freedom Of Speech would love to know who will train Mrs. Moeller?  Kay Garry or Shane Gibson?

Mrs. Moeller you are in "way over your head", who is dumb enough to take this job after all the playing with the numbers and moving of tax payers money.  Anyone who puts party politics over us taxpayers should NOT be appointed, or in office.

No wonder our city is on the verge of municipal bankruptcy.

God help us all....