Sunday, August 11, 2013

ME TOO.....

Nearly all local government union contracts in the City Of New Albany have the "me-too" clause in them, in effect guaranteeing that any benefit negotiated by one union will be shared by others - without the corresponding concession that resulted in the first union gaining the benefit.

While we believe such clauses distort the negotiation process and are bad in a significant number of ways, today we have a prime example (an 'unintended consequence" effect) showing why they should be banned.

The NAPD had filed a grievance went to court and won and City Attorney Stan Robinson did not appeal and he should have. So now Mr. Gahan is throwing the NAPD a few crumbs to screw over the others involved into this me-too clause.

Well Mr. Gahan, they all met today and they are going back to court on August 20. They NOT only buy you BS of $3,000 and a 1% raise. The NAPD is going to WIN and you are going to cost us tax dollars $$$$ we don't have.

What Mr. Gahan doesn't get this is in the union contract and arbitrators and judges who decide such things are NOT bound by common sense - or even taxpayer interest. They are bound to examine Mr. Gahans contract with NAPD who can make a strong argument under the me-to clause.

Personally we are sick and tired of our elected officials giving away the farm to a very small minority of constituents and our tax dollars we pay. It seems to us once the man gets into office there is NO way to hold our "Mr. Gahan" accountable to any promises made prior to taking office.

Who in the hell would be dumb enough (other than Jeff Gahan and Stan Robinson) to allow a clause like that, anyway?

This will be another court hearing Mr. Gahan and City Attorney Stan Robinson won't win.....

What the State of Indiana needs is a "Recall law" so we can throw these SOB out of office.

examine the terms of Mr. Gahan's CONTRACT before them and NAPD can make a strong argument under their me-too clause.