Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Paving - Alternative Funding Sources:

* TIF Funds
* Riverboat Funds

The Council needs to review the Financial Report of the TIF Fund, and the Riverboat Fund.

Redevelopment Commission should review their funds for possible transfers to help with paving.

The Redevelopment Funds are specified to help improve the Inner City GDBG areas.

Many streets in the Inner City/GDBG area are terrible and need repair.

Yes! The Streets need Paving!

Freedom of Speech would like to say:

Yes, this paving issue seems to rank #1 with England and with some council members. We suggest they are largely out of touch and living in their own little ego chamber bubbles.

No wonder citizens are getting frustrated as streets damage their cars.

Yet more bonds, more spending, is something England and some council members seem to think is the answer to everything.

Again, they are largely out of touch and tone deaf!

The ignorance of this administration is astounding. It is more important for England to keep a campaign promise then to do what is needed first.

Again, when Mayor England had $5,034,429.08 balance in TIF's at the begining of 2009, why didn't he use some of this money to repair streets?
Shame on you England!

Source: End of the year 2009 Financial Report

Why in the "hell would you want to pave streets first, when we have millions of dollars of sewer and stormwater problems to fix?"

Does that make sense?

Our final thoughts:

Doug England and some council members will continue to represent only a small minority of the city population downtown and continues to neglect the rest of our city.

Would someone please lower Mayor England's dosage of whatever it is he's taking...he's out of control!

Talk about putting the cart before the horse...

What has happened to NEED vs WANT?