Sunday, June 06, 2010


Today, June 6, in 1944, the Allies landed on Normandy Beach, the shores of France, to liberate the tortured souls of Europe from a maniac who twisted freedom into a feel-good nationalism that abused and killed millions.

Why are there no flags flying today?

Why is the media silent?

We've seen the movie "The saving of Private Ryan", the grizzly scenes.

Some of us, including yours truly, have seen video footage from the War Memorial Museum, D.C. you know; the kind where standing over a 5' partition only adults may view the horrors. Some of us may be privileged to hear live testimony from our Dad or others.

We remember Pearl Harbor, but somehow the media takes less notice in D-Day, just as it took no notice of any commemoration of Dec. 15th for the Bill of Rights or Dec. 16th for the Boston Tea Party. Such dates elude most of us.

But to let this date go by without notice does not speak well of our appreciation for those who gave so much that we who are alive can commemorate their sacrifice.

Contributor~ Paul Wheeler