Sunday, June 20, 2010


In typical puff pieces from out local Tribune, Mayor England puts his spin on his many plans for New Albany.

Annexation, renegotiation of a 2012 Sanitation Contract, LOIT Tax, paving more streets, $1.5-$2 million for police and fire, $3.5 million Water Park, $12 million NEW Parking Garage, a new ball park, investing in the Industrial Park and blah, blah, blah.

Then two additional puff piece this week he had a Meet the Mayor Form, and a DNA fundraiser.

Two photo-ops in one week. Gosh, does this guy ever work?

We've decided to discuss "Annexation" with our readers this Sunday afternoon.

If the proposed annexation by the city is approved, it will result in a significant loss of revenue.

The City of New Albany would see a decline in services and revenue generated by the Economic Development Income Tax, Local Road and Street and Motor Vehicle Highway funds from the state and other funding mechanisms.

With the caps on property taxes approved by the Indiana legislature, it could result in a significant shortfall in revenues.

Source: DLGF Department of Local Government Finance

See what happens when you do your homework, Mayor England?

The biggie here folks is "sewer" revenue!

The area that England wants to annex pays 1 1/2 times what we pay here in the city. Which means their sewer bill will be the same as ours and we will lose big time revenue and then he will increase all of our rates again!
Do any of you remember what Fifer stated when Benedetti ask: what would happen if they annex this area about the sewer fee?

Answer: Fifer stated he would have to renegotiate a higher sewer fee and we could be forced to increase taxes if the annexation goes through!

This again proves England is totally incompetent and out of control.

Questions the Council needs to ask Malysz and England:

1. Why would the Mayor and [Illegal] Deputy Mayor want to take the responsibility in an enlarged area for:

a. Police Protection

b. Fire Protection

c. Garbage pickup

d. Trash pickup

e. Street paving

f. Sewer maintenance

g. Cleanliness of properties (no junk, no trash, no tall weeds, and tall grass)

h. Animal problems

New Albany now looks like one big mess and current New Albany problems need immediate attention.

2. If the area is annexed, will the Mayor and Illegal Deputy Mayor allow the taxes collected there to go into the New Albany General Fund to help solve New Albany problems, or....will the Mayor and Illegal Deputy Mayor push to put the area in a "Tax Increment (TIF) Area so the taxes will all go into a TIF Fund pot that they can use for their "special projects?"

3. Will the municipal residents face higher taxes and fees?

4. Is the annexation in the best interests of the municipality and the annexed area?

5. Will the county be harmed by the annexation?

Freedom Of Speech would like to first ask:

Is this a bad deal for New Albany Citizens, or a Good Deal for?????

Will it also get England some campaign donations? Don't know, but this does not pass the smell test and this does not sound like a good deal for those of us who are paying higher fees.

So again....Mr. Mayor is willing to press ahead with this even though this is a money losing proposition and we are in a recession.