Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Obama will call for a clean energy bill in his Oval Office address on the oil spill tonight, as part of a renewed push for the once all-but-abandoned legislation.

It is our opinion it should be "abandoned" and the reason why is we have read the bill!

Trust us, if this bill passes:

1. We can not and will not, or won't even be able to sell our homes.

2. Gasoline and electricity will be out of most of our range for affordability.

For Obama to change his stance on this subject only makes the president look weak. Obama is the one that defended and authorized offshore drilling. Either he authorized the drilling on a whim, without knowing the possible consequences that came along with it, or he did despite knowing the consequences.

So now we see the real reason he was slow on stopping the spread. Political use of the disaster and because of this environmental disaster we will raise your energy cost (Crap and Tax Bill) to punish you and us for using fossil fuels.

Energy, health care, banking regulations, national deficit, unemployment, declining manufactured, and etc.

It's a big wack-a-mole.

Everything needs to be attended to at once but typically an administration is forced several steps behind the curve attending to the most recent crisis with less opportunity for investing in the preventative.

The Office of the President of the United States is not a place to make mistakes like these. When you do, the country has to pay for it.

We think any Bush hater can agree to that!

We still believe in and support:

"Drill Baby Drill!"