Tuesday, December 29, 2009

THE WORST OF 2009...

10. PNC Bank files for payment of Linden Meadows

9. Daisy Lane work over Budget

8. New Albany councilwomen says "I'm innocent"

7. New Albany Sewer Board lowers penalty, ask Georgetown for $25,000

6. Gibson: New Albany didn't have funds to prevent Aug. 10 flood

5. State Audit raises questions about New Albany's bookkeeping

4. New Albany City Council keeps it's healthcare

3. Council says no to flooding, police funding request

2. EPA looking into complaints in New Albany again

1. Two years of Reign: Mayor England reflects..."

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

You call this leadership, Mr. Mayor?

England is committed to seeking re-election in 2011.

Surely, that was a joke or a misprint?

Not only he shouldn't be our mayor again, he needs to be responsible for all this damage he did to this city and it's people.

"You Mr. England, are the "worst mayor ever" in the history of New Albany!"