Sunday, December 27, 2009


Just because:

*Your mortgage is far more than your house is worth.

* Your roof is badly in need of replacement.

* Your property tax escrow payment is for as much as your mortgage.

* You lost your job.

* Your mortgage will soon be foreclosed.

"That's no reason not to put $50,000 in solar panels on your roof now!"

If the weather experts with the training, the degrees, the titles, and all the expensive equipment, cannot get the weather right for tomorrow, why should we believe that Al Gore can predict the weather 10, 20, or 50 years from now?

Good point huh!?!

Sure computer models can make predictions based upon historical data. But what good are predictions when that data is flawed or misinterpreted.

"Mother Nature" has always been able to "check" the extremes. These "checks" can be positive or negative in their effects on life on earth, yet the earth survives.

Should we be good stewards of our environment, absolutely!

However, not at the expense of disrupting entire cultures for the sake of what may not be "An Inconvenient Truth".

Ask yourself these questions:

* Is it scientists that came up with the idea of "Crap and Tax?

* Is it scientists who are going to mandate smaller and smaller cars?

* Is it scientists who are going to give away more and more of our wealth to third-world nations?

* Is it scientists who will tax us, restrict us, ban this and that - outlaw this and that?

Has there been any scientific data that suggest smaller cars will oppress Global Warming?

Is there some scientific data that suggests giving away more and more of our wealth will oppress Global Warming?

Do we have scientific data that will PROVE that any and all of these actions will stop Global Warming?

It's not "scientists" we distrust folks, it's the charlatans and politicians!

See, it doesn't take "rocket scientists" to figure these things out.

It's called: "common sense!"