Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Obama was warned in his first week in office that the housing and job issues had to be addressed prior to anything else. He and Congress chose to go after the democrats pet project of 20 years, health care.

Over a year working on nothing but that bill producing a piece of trash legislation that has already gone past the trillion dollar cap by 4 trillion and climbing as the bits and pieces emerge from the bill.

You elected a person [not us] who has no leadership abilities and let the Congress dictate priorities.

Millions out of work and Pelosi grants millions to a mouse, turtle walks and shuts down farms in California for a fish, killing even more jobs.

The Obama White House made lots of claims about stimulus, including up to 3.6 million private sector jobs. So far they are 3.5 million jobs short.

Of some one out there soon can't figure out how to manufacture, sell and buy US goods this country is screwed no matter what happens.

Nothing this administration has done for the public has any teeth in it or a real direction out of the recession.

Home modification loans are a farse, the banks will not lend they will make it because they lose money if they for close and write it off they get more back from our tax dollars.

So, how's that "hope and change" workin for ya?