Monday, November 22, 2010


Although legend has it that this expression alludes to appropriating the estates of St. Peters Church, in Westminster, London, to pay for the repairs of St. Paul's Cathedral in the 1800s, the saying first appeared in a work by John Wycliffe about 1382.

End of our history lesson for today.

Robbing Peter to pay Paul, means to take from one to give to another, shift resources.

Did you read the Nov. 21st Tribune article:

TIF may be answer for New Albany budget deficit. England proposing $2.1 million in TIF be transferred to balance spending.

"According to Mayor Doug England, $600,000 of TIF funds can be moved to offset general fund spending without approval from the New Albany City Council. Another $1.5 million can be shifted to the Economic Development Income Tax fund if the council votes to amend some of the TIF districts, England said."

Someone once told us: If you want to know what's really going on, follow the money.

In a recent article we posted: Basic Theory of TIF, Freedom Of Speech repeats: when the TIF Bond cost are paid off, the TIF area is discontinued (rescinded) so that the tax money can help the General Fund!

When they talk about amending, that means they are planning to extend the TIF area.

Watch and see if we are right!

This is another boondoggle of England's.

What he is planning on doing is "bailing out" the Police and Fire Department with the $1.8 million instead of making the hard decisions.

As we continue to say: TIF's are killing our General Fund. They want more TIF's and less revenue.

Freedom Of Speech feels that $300,000 of EDIT should be used to rebuild Camille Wright Pool!

It's our money and we should have a right to say what it should be used for.

Reality simply doesn't matter. England will say or do anything and lie to your face, even when the facts are sitting bald and naked right in front of everybody.

It is our opinion, the only difference between Bernie Madoff and Douglas B. England is Bernie got caught and England continues to Rob Peter to Pay Paul.

It's just a matter of time...Mr. England. You just don't get it!