Sunday, November 07, 2010


It took six years for Valla Ann Bolovschak to make history with the Main Street Quiet Zone and it only took two years of waiting for Mayor Douglas B. England to TRY and STEAL her credit!

What do we mean?

Read this and you will be outraged:

"Train Quiet Zone Enforced In New Albany"

After a two-year process, New Albany residents have a new quiet zone for train horns along the historic East Main Street corridor following an agreement city leaders were able to reach with Norfolk Southern Railroad.

The quiet zone officially began at 12:01 a.m. Friday.

The areas affected include the crossings at East 6th, East 10th and West 14th streets.

Mayor Doug England said the city first filed notice to apply for a quiet zone April 15, 2008.

Norfolk Southern Railroad administrators said the crossings needed upgrades to let engineers know if the crossing gates and lights are properly working.

After months of negotiations, city and railroad leaders reached an agreement to install those upgrades on Nov. 17, 2009.

The work was finished last May.

The city then re-filed notice of the quiet zone last month, which was approved by the railroad and began Friday, "England said."

By Andy Alcock/ WLKY

One of the great things about blogging is the ability to present all the facts when others don't and won't.

We're talking about the Mayor and local Tribune.

However, there are somethings totally left out of the press conference and in the interview with Mayor England by WLKY.

While attending a victory celebration party for Ed Clere, there just happen to be two TVs on and what should appear, an interview and press conference with Mayor England over the new Quiet Zone.

("Talk about tooting your own horn!")

While watching this interview everyone was taken back that England was taking credit (or trying too) for all of Valla Ann's hard work. If you haven't seen the interview/press conference we suggest that you Google and type in the words: New Albany Quiet Zone.

What all this boils down to is this: The-All-About-Me-Mayor England, is a LIAR.

Yes, this time we are not going to let England slide and think he can get away with this lie.

Since Mayor England claims he done all the work on the quiet zone and he feels he deserves all the credit, we have a few questions for him to answer:

* How many pages was the Notice of Establishment you negotiated?

* What date did you received full funding approval and what was the amount?

* How was the funding obtained and from whom?

* How many gates and lights were installed?

* Why would you call a press conference and not include Valla Ann Bolovschak?

Mayor Doug England stated on tape: the city first filed notice to apply for a quiet zone April 15, 2008.

Would you like to retract your statement before we expose you for the "liar" that you are?

At least Mayor England if you are going to try and take credit for the quiet zone you ought to have done your homework before you tooted your own horn!

Now, here are the facts and they are documented:

Valla Ann received full funding approval from INDOT and Norfolk Southern, in the amount of $160,000 and $323,000 from Norfolk Southern.

In the history of Norfolk Southern they had never invested this amount of money ever in a quiet zone, but with Valla Ann's ability to negotiate she achieved the funding (no grants) and the City of New Albany received the check for $483,000.

Freedom Of Speech obtained documents dating August of 2004 reflecting acknowledgement of the financial commitments and agreement with INDOT and Norfolk Southern.

We guess England forgot he didn't take office as Mayor until 2008.

Was that "another gotcha Doug moment?"


Valla Ann presented to the England administration a 30 page Notice of Establishment. Which was already drawn up, Norfolk Southern required it to be put on City of New Albany letterhead and signed and that was it.

Matt Dennison unwilling to take educated guidance procrastinated and another glitch popped up to delay the Main Street Quiet Zone.

The only reason city had to get involved is because rules changed and power outage indicators had to be installed.

The cost was estimated about $5,000 and the final bill ended up being $15,000. Our understanding the city paid way over what power outage indicators normally cost.

After six years Valla Ann and the Citizens of New Albany finally have a quiet zone!

Freedom Of Speech believes in giving credit where credit is due.

You can expect a jealous neighbor to not say a simple "thank you", but for Doug England not to give Valla Ann the credit she deserves tells you the character and class of our mayor.

This is about principals, folks!

The sad part about all of this, on Friday evening at 12:33 am it was Valla Ann alone standing there to thank the engineers and NO one else bothered to showed up.

To Mayor England, you are always the first to want the credit, and nevcr do the work.

Have you NO shame?

Freedom Of Speech believes in giving credit where the credit is due, you never gave up, you never gave in, and your the one Valla Ann that made it happen!

Thank You,

Freedom Of Speech Staff