Sunday, October 17, 2010


This is Freedom Of Speech, and we approve this message:

It's coming time for us to vote on our elected representatives but today there are so many negative ads about Ed Clere.

The negative ads that we've seen come out by Shane Gibson "dodge the real issues we face, what he really believes, and what he stands for! "

Any candidate who has to stoop to insult their opponent instead of speaking of their own ideas and voting record immediately looses our vote.

"Personally, we are sick of it."

Stand on your record as City Attorney and see how far you get.

Talk about the $450,000 you cost us in the Georgetown Sewer deal.

Is it true Mr. Gibson you collect 4 % of any bonds issued by the city in addition to your $150,000 salary?

Tell the people how you refused to sign sewer liens and you are for the LOIT Tax, against Property Tax Caps and you wanting us taxpayers to foot the bill for city employee health care.

And, what about the times you've mislead our council with half truths?

Here's our philosophy, Shane: If you go into a job interview for upper management (or any job, period), you demonstrate your own abilities, and you NEVER belittle your competition. Why should politics be any different? As the people doing the hiring, we shouldn't put up with this bull-shit of your... mudslinging!

How dare you blame Mr. Clere for the closing of four schools!!!

That is a damn LIE and you know it!

Ed Clere stands WITH the citizens of New Albany, but what about you Mr. Gibson?

So what if Ed Clere done something in college 17 years ago. Has anyone bothered to call him and ask him what it was he did?

We did, and it is typical College Fraternity Hazing...

Our turn is coming and it's coming November 2 and we're going to vote!

The time has come to step up and to perform our duty as citizens of New Albany and to quit
sitting on the sidelines - bitching our way through our city's issues.

It's time you talk about what you bring to the table and what your record is Mr. Gibson, Ed Clere has proven to us citizens what he can do and has done for our city.

Be an informed voter, ask yourselves one question: what has Shane Gibson ever done for the Citizens of New Albany?