Sunday, August 22, 2010


General Fund Year End (Deficit)/Surplus:

Mayor James Garner:

2004 - Deficit.....$2,794,627
2005 - Deficit.....$640,833
2006 - Deficit.....$1,695,512
2007 - Deficit.....$2,218,707

Mayor Doug England:

2008 - Deficit....$2,335,047
2009 - Deficit....$2,558,158
2010 - Deficit....$1,778,766

Like no one saw this coming?

England Plan 2011 - Deficit....$752,056
England Plan 2012 - Surplus..$200,596

We sure hope he didn't purchase any pain medicine from our favorite Assessor. Because this guy is totally fried if he thinks people will buy his recent scam and besides he'll not be elected again, he's as toxic as Obama is to the Democrat Party.

England claims our city is underfunded, but "we all know" he has mismanaged our money!

This is what happens when you just keep spending and spending like there's no tomorrow.

There are no pleasant (easy) fiscal options left for heavily indebted cities like New Albany anymore.

We are bankrupt.

The time to trim the bloated union payroll and cut retirement benefits is long past. Quit screwing around Doug and do what needs to be done!

Gotta love England's strong arm tactics...first, they are given generous raises, by the City Council...then he turns around and raises fees. Now, he's threatened to close a firehouse and lay off Firefighters.

Has anyone notice he never threatens the Police with layoffs?

He then comes up with a current "scam" for cutting employee insurance and we taxpayers will pick up the tab.

The Madoff caper is a drop in the bucket compared to what the last four mayors (England, Overton, Garner and England again) have done to the citizens of New Albany.

At least Bernard Madoff went to prison!

So now what, Mayor Doug????

You'd better talk to your "hand-picked" board members, your illegal Deputy Mayor and your over priced City Attorney.

What a racket you all have going on. And all at the expense of the taxpayers.

The City of New Albany has the making for a new movie that will be titled "Scam City!"

"Vote them all out in 2011!"