Monday, August 02, 2010


The Mayor continues and claims the city is underfunded.

We don't agree!

How can we be under funded as a city when there are millions of dollars not collected?

Revenue is what keeps a city going and able to pay their bills. If the residents of New Albany are required to pay property taxes, it seems only fair that the city should follow the law and collect it.

We decided and looked at the Public Tax Records on file.

We were shocked to find, two properties on Main Street with delinquent taxes and penalties uncollected.

You be the judge:

Property No. 1

State Parcel Number: 22-05-02-807-598.000-008
Name and Address of Taxpayers:
Third Century, LLC
904 E. Main Street

Property Taxes Due: $4,467.75 Delinquent after: August 13, 2010
Other Charges (See Table 4) $1,034.81
Delinquent Tax................... $12,425.43
Delinquent Penalty............. $2,083.86
Less Prepayments: $2,100.00
Total owed: $17,911.85

Property No. 2

State Parcel Number: 22-05-00-200-772.000-008
Box Tree Inn
Property Taxes Due: $1,884.00 Delinquent after August 13,2010
Delinquent Tax................. $8,037.30
Delinquent Penalty........... $1,587.84
Less Prepayments: $1,400.00
Total owed: $10,109.14

Is it true that Doug England is part owner of the Box Tree Inn on Main Street?

Who is Third Century, LLC?

Why have these two delinquent properties not been collected or placed in the Sheriff Sale?

After searching through pages of Property Tax Records, it appears that some taxpayers are not paying their fair share.

Maybe, the city and city council members needs to review these public records and ask why certain citizens are getting special treatment.

Freedom Of Speech would like to ask:

Why are so many properties under assessed when several others are over assessed?

"Too many questions and not enough answers from the England Administration."

If WE have to PAY our sewer bills, stormwater bills, sanitation bills and our property taxes...then everyone else should pay their bills.

It's time to run this city like a business instead of politics as usual in New Albany!

footnote: to Council President John Gonder. You want an Ethics Ordinance, we taxpayers want a Recall Ordinance.

When is enough a enough?