Sunday, August 15, 2010


(1) "Beyond that, it may surprise you to know that property taxes in New Albany used to be calculated at a much higher rate than they are now. Even with trending, we pay less per assessed value than the locals did even during the Depression."

"Property tax rates have not dramatically increased over the past few decades. They're actually decreased over that stretch and Indiana ranks low nationally in terms of the average tax burden on citizens."

Freedom Of Speech would like to know what city you live in, surely not New Albany?

(2) "Given the fact that the board could now see the end of rigid EPA monitoring and the end of the environmental consent decree."

Freedom Of Speech would like to say we heard from (promoted) EPA Supervisor of District Five, Mrs. Barbara Vantil that New Albany will not see the end of their rigid EPA monitoring for a long, long time!

(3) "But voting no without a legitimate plan to cut future expenses while protecting the city would be a foolish move."

(4) "The administration believes annexing the Charlestown Road commercial corridor effective in 2012 will boost the general fund in 2013"

(5) "England added that he doesn't support closing a fire house or firing employees due to safety concerns."

(6) "He said the city has no intentions at this point of paying the township."

(7) "One Southern Indiana's involvement has aided in the creation of 1,600 jobs, $62 million in payroll $82.5 million in new, taxable capital in New Albany."

(8) "Haub said the police union didn't ask for raises this year because it knew the condition of the city's general fund."

(9) "England defended his police and fire chiefs, as he said they are managing their budgets as tight as they can."

Best comments so far:

(1) "If we don't get a mayor willing to deal with the contracts, I don't know how we can."

(2) "There were accusations made by Councilman Jack Messer that police mismanagement of staff has increased overtime pay unnecessarily."

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

One, this is the most narcissistic Mayor and dysfunctional council we've ever seen.

It's time to take politics out of the decision making. Stop the personal agendas, cutting of deals, and political paybacks and favors. It's time for the Mayor and Council members to make the hard decisions.

It is our opinion that the local newspaper (Tribune) needs to stick to reporting the news, instead of playing politics!

We've read enough lies in our local newspaper over the last two years to last us all a life time.

When is enough a enough?