Thursday, June 26, 2008


From The Kitchen of Obama

Take one heaping spoonful of inexperienced elitist white male seeking self-validation through exploitation of his African-American genetics. Combine two parts black liberation theology clerics spewing intolerance with two parts of unrepentant intellectuals committed to the destruction of America. Stir in one cup of militant Black wife harbouring the overwhelming desire to stick it to Whitey and one spoonful of typical white person grandmother. Mix well. Pour a gallon of anti-patriotism into tall glasses and sprinkle with naive foreign policy iterations. Serve on a platter of meaningless oratorical hyperbole with a generous dollop of wealth re-distribution. Sprinkle liberally with the zest of white guilt. Serve large portions to the undiscerning and spellbound masses convinced that the Second Coming is upon America.

Now you have the complete recipe for Disaster!

Contributor: Brad