Saturday, May 06, 2006


Daisy Lane Development proposal to build 162 units at top of Daisy Lane Hill.

Some points to think about:

1. The Redevelopment Commission has "NOT" held the public meetings to show the Daisy Lane residents the current proposed plans to renovate Daisy Lane. Those plans have changed repeatedly.

Question is: Does the Redevelopment Commission even have a plan?

A few years ago:
A public meeting was held at Green Valley School gym to explain the old Daisy Lane plans.

We need to request John Rosenberger, Councilman Jack Messer and Councilman Steve Price to hold that meeting before the work starts on Daisy Lane. This would show that Daisy Lane will not be built to handle any additional traffic. Only new sidewalks and curbs will be added.

2. The cries by Daisy Lane Developer Scott Adams that they have bought the land and spent so much money is "hogwash". By the way "WHO" told them to jump in and buy all that land before they had permission to build 162 Units?

The old saying is, "LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP".