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The following procedures should be followed:

The elected official must submit a resignation in writing and may specify the date when the resignation takes effect. (IC 5-8-4-4)Local elected officials should file the resignation with the circuit court clerk. If the officeholder was elected or appointed as a candidate of the Democratic or Republican Party, the officeholder should also send a copy of the resignation to the appropriate county chair. (IC 5-8-3-5-1)

Notice must be given for the Caucus:

The county chair must send a written notice by first class mail to each caucus member at least 10 days before the date of the caucus. The notice must state the chair's name and the date, time, place and purpose of the caucus. (IC 3-12-11-4)

Rules for conducting a Caucus:

State law requires each caucus to begin its work by adopting caucus rules of procedure. You may wish to contact the state committee of the appropriate political party to obtain suggested caucus rules or guidence on procedural points. State laws specifies that the county chair breaks any tie vote that occurs in the caucus. (IC-3-13-11-8)
State law also specifies that a majority vote of those casting a vote for a candidate is required for the caucus to fill the vacancy. A secret ballot is required by state law. (IC 3-13-11-10)

Procedure for Officeholder who has been elected to another office:

If the officeholder has submitted a written resignation with a delayed effective date or the officeholder has been elected to another office, the political party may hold the caucus before resignation takes effect or the official assumes the other office. The caucus notice requirements still apply, and the person selected by the caucus to fill the vacancy will not take office until the resignation takes effect or the person assumes the other office. (IC 3-13-11-3)

Who can vote in a Caucus?

A precinct committee person must: (1) be of the same political party that elected or selected the person who vacated the office; (2) represent a precinct in which voters were eligble to vote for the vacated office; and (3) if appointed, have been serving as precinct committee person on the 30th day before the vacancy occured. An elected precinct committee person is eligible to participate in a caucus regardless of when the vacancy in the office occured (IC 3-13-11-5)

Are proxy votes permitted in a political party Caucus?

Only vice committee person may serve as proxies for precinct committeeman in a caucus. A vice committeeman may vote as a proxy for a precinct committee person if. (1) the precinct committeeman meets the requirements listed in (1) and (2) above and is not present at the caucus; (2) the vice committeeman needs the requirements listed in (1) and (2) above; (3) the vice committeeman serves under an elected precinct committeeman and the vice committeeman is appointed at least 5 days before the caucus, OR the vice committee person was appointed at least 30 days before the vacancy occured (IC 3-13-11-9)

Candidate for selection by the Caucus:

A candidate must file a declaration of candidacy with the county chair at least 72 hours before the time of the scheduled caucus (IC 3-13-11-7) The declaration of candidacy form, CEB-5 form, is available from the Election Division.

Freedom Of Speech would like to thank Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita and his staff for supplying us with the following information.