Tuesday, September 27, 2011

PROFIT & LOSS 101...

How many attorney's get paid from our Sewer Utility?

Here we thought Greg Fifer was the only Sewer Utility Attorney.

Wait until you read this crap....

A very interesting thing happen the other day. We received a Profit & Loss statement of 2011 concerning our Sewer Utility.

Our local "Mr. We Back Jack" candidate has been telling everyone who will listen, that he plans to raise and we mean RAISE our "sewer rate" when he becomes Mayor. He feels we are spending to much of our General Fund, EDIT, Rainy Day and Boat Money dealing with our sewer problems.

Well, Mr. We Back Jack: maybe you should question who gets all the money. Since you are promising and now seems to be acting as a kind of employment agency for England's staff for your new administration.

We thought our readers had a right to know who is making extra pocket money off us rate payers.

Legal fees from January 1 through August 8, 2011 - Sewer Utility:

1/4/2011 - Gibson........$596.56

1/7/2011 - Gibson........$120.00

1/20/2011 - Gibson.....$285.00

1/26/2011 - Gibson.....$435.00

2/4/2011 - Gibson.......$180.00

2/15/2011 - Gibson.....$825.00

2/16/2011 - Gibson.....$30.00

2/28/2011 - Gibson....$360.00

3/6/2011 - Gibson......$300.00

3/16/2011 - Gibson....$615.00

3/23/2011 - Gibson....$270.00

4/5/2011 - Gibson......$180.00

4/13/2011 - Gibson....$711.04

4/20/2011 - Gibson...$555.00

4/27/2011 - Gibson....$345.00

5/10/2011 - Gibson....$1,050.00

5/23/2011 - Gibson....$390.00

5/27/2011 - Gibson....$285.00

5/31/2011 - Gibson....$90.00

6/8/2011 - Gibson.....$270.00

6/15/2011 - Gibson...$600.00

6/29/2011 - Gibson...$330.00

7/13/2011 - Gibson.....$75.00

7/20/2011 - Gibson....$420.00

7/28/2011 - Gibson....$60.00

Source: Wilkerson - Sewer Board

WoW...is this NOT the same Gibson who is our City Attorney?

Isn't this the same Gibson who refused to sign about 1,000 sewer liens when he ran for State Rep. and got his butt kicked by State Rep. Clere?

Is this NOT the same Gibson who screwed us ratepayers out of $425,000 owed to us from the Georgetown Sewer Utility deal?

See folks, many council meetings ago in 2010, Dictator England along with his incompetent controller cut a deal with five council members to make Mr. Gibson a full time City Attorney, (like a city of about 37,000 citizens needs to be paying a full time City Attorney a $150,000 + salary).

England and Garry explained by doing this it would eliminate all those other Attorney's on each board and save the taxpayers. (cough) We didn't buy it for one second, but as usual Dictator England had the dirt on those five council members, he cut a deal and got his way.

So in 2011 England made a new (Employee) contract with "Slacker Gibson" a $50,000 salary plus billable hours and other sweet perfs.

Looks like to us: "slacker Gibson" got a real sweetheart deal...

Hmmm...Thinking out loud: (Isn't it amazing England never, ever, got one ounce of dirt on Councilman Steve Price!) Our final thoughts: Our "general election" is November 8, you better look at the mayor's race and council races with great concern. If you like us has been hearing about "Mr. We Back Jack's campaign promises" like:
*Larry Sharlow new Deputy Mayor

* Increase our sewer rate
* Lee Miller - Police Chief
* a $12 million dollar parking garage
* a new LOIT Tax
* (Slacker) Gibson City Attorney
And many, many, more promises and deals being cut, too.


Do you folks, really want England sitting on our council? Remember when he told us to turn our cable off so we could "pay our sewer bill" and if we didn't like the way he was running our city "we could move out!"

The real tragedy of all this, is that the taxpayers and rate payers of the City of New Albany are suffering from the damage all these people have done and what they all make off of it.

Your hard earned money!

As of August 8, 2011, legal fees spent out of our Sewer Utility Fund is $277,764.45 and we are $1,106,156.82 over our 2011 Budget.

Now, England wants a 6 million dollar bond for Stormwater.

"God Help us All!" span>