Friday, October 06, 2006


Will Daisy Lane Developers dump more flood water on Players Place residents?

The proposed development of 162 residences will create more run-off drainage problems. More concrete--more blacktop-more water will have to go somewhere.

This property along side the Radio Tower property will cause more flooding towards Country Club Drive and Player Place.

The creek now is overloaded.

Flooding has caused a lot of damage and homes ruined.

* The danger of the creek flooding was a concern for the residents of Lincoln Hills Nursing Home. The residents were prepared for evacuation as the flood waters almost entered the Lincoln Hills Nursing Home.

All of the discussions & concerns were about traffic.

The Daisy Lane Developers did not dare mention the diaster of floods. Don't they even care about the safety of people?

It has been said that the Daisy Lane Developers are planning to bypass the Council to get this housing project approved.

Player Place residents can not take anymore flood water.

Freedom Of Speech highly recommends you take a drive on Daisy Lane and see what a real traffic mess is!