Saturday, October 14, 2006


Vote for Progress,
Vote for Experience.

Vote for Mark Seabrook for
Floyd County Commissioner.

Why Mark Seabrook?
In a word, experience.

As a husband, a father and a business owner, Mark understands the needs of our county. He's keenly aware of the need to focus on the priorities of Floyd County families while fostering a spirit of coperation toward those companies who have chosen to do business here.

Mark has also been extremely active in our county, serving on a wide range of charitable and civic boards and committees, including a term as Chairman of Harvest Homecoming. This commitment to helping improve the quality of life throughout our county will shape the decisions he makes as County Commissioner.

Finally, Mark understands the political environment and has dedicated himself to civic service. He has served for eight years on the New Albany City Council, and knows the value of closely examining all sides of an issue before considering which course is best for the people he serves.

Mark places a high value on setting priorities and planning for the future.

It's his believe that the first obligation of a County Commissioner is to stability in the delivery of basic services such as fire protection and law enforcement. Future growth and prosperity required a strong foundation on which to build.

From that secure footing, Mark believes that we can work together to crete a unified vision and strategy for Floyd County, one that will set reasonable limits and boundaries, but with the flexibility to take advantage of unique opportunities as they present themselves.

Of course, progress brings challenges, and Mark is also aware that he and his fellow Commissioners will need to cooperate to ensure fiscal responsibility and stability while creating paths for the progress and growth that can generate additional resources for Floyd County.

Paid for by D. Mark Seabrook for County Commissioner, D. Mark Seabrook, Treasurer