Saturday, October 28, 2006


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Bill Cochran...Leadership with Results!

Working to Benfit Seniors:

With an increasing number of Indiana's population growing older, it is important to ensure their well being. Seniors and their families shouldn't be forced into making difficult decisions to maintain their standard of living. Bill has worked hard to give Seniors the benfits they've earned.

Working to Reduce Property Taxes:

In the General Assembly, Bill has worked to reduce property taxes.

* A new homeowners deduction for property taxes on a taxpayer's principal place of residence
* Increased the income tax deduction for those with dependent children
* Eliminated the inventory tax for businesses and farms

Looking Toward The Future

Bill knows Indiana is still a long way from being perfect, and with an ever-changing world and a global economy, Indiana must stay on track to keep today's economy growing.

Bill's efforts in the legislature have always been focused on making Southern Indiana a better place to live.

Here are just a few of the many extraordinary projects Bill has sponsored during his tenure:

* Obtained additional funding for buildings and programs at Indiana University Southeast and Ivy Tech, including support for the Paul W. Ogle Center, Knob View Hall, the renovation...addition to the Life Science Building

* Cochran obtained funding for new IUS Library and is now working for student housing a Medical Education building

* Created Magistrate Court of Floyd County

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