Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Again this year Freedom of Speech will be posting information about the candidates running in the upcoming election, November 7th.

As this is a non-partisan blog, we will have information from both the Republican and Democratic candidates. We want to thank everyone for supplying their information to Freedom Of Speech.

United States Senator
R- Richard G. Lugar
L- Steve Osborn

Secretary Of State
R- Todd Rokita
D- Joe Pearson
L- Mike Kote

Auditor Of State
R- Tim Berry
D- Judy Anderson

Treasurer Of State
R- Richard E. Mourdock
D- Michael W. Griffin

United States Representative
R- Mike Sodrel
D- Baron Hill
l- Eric Schansberg

State Senate
R- Ryan Bergman
D- Connie Weigleb Sipes

State Representative
R- Christopher Byrd
D- Paul Robertson

State Representative
R- Jim Wathan
D- William C. Cochran

New Albany

Prosecuting Attorney
R- Keith Henderson
D- Lee Cotner

Clerk Of The Circuit Court
R- Donald Jones
D- Linda S. Moeller

County Auditor
D- Teresas A. Plaiss

County Sheriff
R- Frank Loop
D- Darrell W. Mills
L- Thomas Keister

County Assessor
R- Terry L. Watson
D- Brenda K. Egge

County Commissioner District #1
R- Mark Seabrook
D- Randy Stumler

Township Assessor New Albany
R- Jennifer Mayfield
D- Barbara Sillings

Township Trustee New Albany
R- Ray Cunningham
D- Jennie Freiberger

Township Board New Albany
R- Bob Hornung
R- Brenda Oeffinger
R- Clinton Smith Jr.
D- Lodema Applegate
D- James Hollis
D- Patty Walker

County Council District #1
R- Phyliss Thomas
D- Tom Pickett

County Council District #2
R- Kelley Miles
D- Larry McAllister

County Council District #3
R- Lana Aebersold
D- Steve Mennemeyer

County Council District #4
R- John Schellenberger
D- Jeff Fessel

Township Trustee Franklin
R- Michael Thompson
D- Hazel Riley

Township Board Franklin
D- Paul Byrne
D- Randy Hubert
D- Ernie Mayfield Jr.

Township Trusteee Georgetown
D- David Riley

Township Board Georgetown
R- Jeffrey Firkins
R- Charles Wilson
R- Matthew Wray
D- Steven Byerley
D- Terry Kehrer
D- Dennis Roudenbush

Township Trustee Greenville
R- Carl Pearcy
D- Hilda Gibsons

Township Board Greenville
R- Rosie Grube
R- Rick Hall
R- Patty Nelson
D- Timi Brooks
D- C. Jeanette (Cundiff) Seewer
D- Tom "Bucket" Little

Township Trustee Lafayette
D- Evans Freiberger

Township Board Lafayette
D- Priscilla Meek
D- Carl Schindler
D- Charles Zipp

Greenville Town
R- Patti Hayes-Daniel
R- Bob Wright
D- Barry Ginkins
D- David Allen Moore

Judicial Retention Questions

Judge of the Indiana Court of Appeals-First District

Shall Justice Frank Sullivan Jr. be retained in office?

Judge of the Indiana Court of Appeals-First District

Shall Judge Edward W. Najam Jr. be retained in office?

Judge of the Indiana Court of Appeals-Fourth District

Shall Judge Patricia A. Riley be retained in office?

Don't forget to Vote November 7th ... Every vote counts!