Wednesday, September 23, 2009


We guess the White House strategy of using charges of racism to combat the peoples opposition to it's agenda wasn't working so Pelosi, Cosby and Carter had to switch to a new fictional rant in the hopes that a different strategy might work.

The Democrats use African Americans much like Hamas and Hezbollah use women and children - as human shields!

Whenever they can't argue the merits of their agenda [which is most of the time] they trot out accusations of racism that they can hide behind. Smearing the opposition as being racist is the human shield strategy of the Democrats using African Americans as human shields.

Meanwhile no one accuses Democrats of being racist when all their policies have done so much harm to the people they profess to help.

No one accuses Democrats of being racist when they attack black conservatives like Michael Smith or Supreme Court Justice Thomas.

Have you ever seen signs from liberals like "We are not armed, this time." How many automatic weapons or handguns did liberals ostentatiously bring to their rallies?

Do you see the difference yet?

Pelosi needs to have a medical exam, clearly from statements she makes her thinking process is compromised. Her being third in line for the highest position in the United States is disturbing.

Her latest remarks were made only to incite the liberals and demean the conservatives.

Future generations when looking back upon history will be scratching their heads wondering how someone as unfit as Pelosi held such a high government position.