Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Today House Republicans, led by Republican Leader John Boehner hand delivered the following letter to Obama asking him to use his authority to end all funding to and break all government ties with ACORN:

Dear Mr. President,

We write to you today in the wake of new reports of potentially criminal activity associates of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) to respectfully request that you use your authority to publicly disclose and terminate all federal funding to ACORN and its affiliates.

It is evident that ACORN is incapable of using federal funds in a matter that is consistent with the law. Immediate action is necessary to ensure that no additional tax dollars are directed to ACORN.

Simply put, ACORN should not receive another penny of American taxpayers' money.

Congressional pressure, coupled with the impact of recent media reports, prompted the U.S. Census Bureau on September 11 to end its partnership with ACORN. We support their decision by the Census Bureau, and believe it is vital that all other federal agencies with ties to ACORN follow the Census Bureau's example by severing all ties to ACORN and its affiliates, whether those ties consist of partnerships or the awarding of federal funds, including federal funds distributed through state and local governments from federal block grants.

This is a matter of common sense and respect for taxpayer dollars.

Last year, millions of Americans were outraged to learn their tax dollars were being used to subsidize an organization linked to multiple instances of VOTER REGISTRATION FRAUD and other illicit activity. An analysis of federal data by the Office of the Republican Leader determined that ACORN has received more than $53 million in direct funding from the federal government since 1994, and has likely received substantially more indirectly through states and localities that receive federal block grants.

The Census Bureau has made the commendable decision to sever ties with ACORN, and it is now critical that all remaining federal entities with ties to ACORN do the same. We ask that you use your authority to ensure that all federal funding of ACORN is publicly disclosed and terminated immediately.

To facilitate this effort, the Republican staff of the Oversight Committee has compiled a complete list of the corporations that form the ACORN Council, and we would be pleased to share it with you and members of your administration.

We thank you for your attention to this request.

Freedom Of Speech has a lot to say:

Finally!!!!!!!!!! you guys got your heads out of the sand, and will the democrats get involved now?

We know the president will try to insulate himself as he did in the case of Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, Rensko, Father Flaggerty, Rashid Khalidi, and Van Jones.

You forgot Senator Boehner in your letter to mention where 12 of 14 caucus were fixed by ACORN in the 08' primary!

This prohibition should include the entire Apollo Group which is the umbrella organization that includes both ACORN and SEIU [both headed up by the Rathke brothers.]

It is rotten from the top down.

Congress and the Senate must of leaned out the window on 9/12/09, and got their minds SERIOUSLY focused.