Thursday, September 03, 2009


He sounded like a man who has been under a lot of self-inflicted stress, who wanted to find someone else to blame and wanted someone to feel sorry for him.

This was sad, desperate and pathetic!

Now, we don't know Pitino's wife, but would it be fair to suggest that her difficult time was NOT directly related to her husband being blackmailed, but instead to the fact that he did something to be blackmailed for?

The mess from cheating on his wife, his family and his reputation in an upscale restaurant.

Speaking of the upscale restaurant:

He didn't even bother to get a room, just banged her right there in the restaurant bathroom, with his assistant standing guard is only a one-time, momentary lapse.


Real classy, Pimptino!

You would at least think he would have took her to Motel 6 where they "always keep the light on" for you, and it's only $49.00!

Well for one who would like to see Bobby Knight back into coaching. Will take him throwing chairs and getting in players faces any day over a scum bag hypocrite like Rick Pitino. Knight has standards morals and convictions.

What is sad, all the tailored suits, million dollar contract and $400 haircuts in the world won't ever instill a sense of decency and honor back to this secretive scum bag.

The Court of Public Opinion MATTERS!

GO Wildcats!