Saturday, September 12, 2009


Oh Lord, hear our prayer
as we hear threats of rubber bullets being
stockpiled, head bashing and people talking
about bloody revolution, please be with us.

Let our hearts be pure with Love and Grace
Let us walk peacefully and respectfully of the
fallen heros that went before us.

Please wrap us in your hands and put your
protection on us to not hear the filth and
anger coming from those who do not
believe in our Freedoms and their protection.

Keep that headge of thorns close to this group
so when those who try to incite anger and
fighting, we remain calm and peaceful with
one goal in mind.

Please Lord be with us today September 12, 2009
as we March on Washington to protect our
God given rights and liberty as written in our

"In God We Trust!"


God Bless American