Monday, October 12, 2009



The cost are underestimated and every Senator and Congressman knows it.

The present administration set out on the first day after Obama was inaugurated to set this in motion knowing full well that it would bankrupt this country.

Don't they or haven't they listened to the majority of citizens who are against this?

Haven't they seen the polls?

They are hell bent on passing anything whether it is better that what we have or not. We all know that we will have inferior health care under any of the bills that have been floated but what do they care, they will continue to have what they have now.

A bill could be written to cover 30-40 million people and leave the rest of us alone.

We heard that there would be 25 million who still won't be covered so what's the use?

As usual, they'll pass some convoluted piece of garbage that even they can't understand and "to hell with those of us" who'll be paying for more ways than one.

Do you really think Obamacare is going to help you?

We were told: Several members of the Senate Finance committee will have to make leaps of faith if the panel is to approve a healthcare reform bill tomorrow.

We weren't aware of the fact, we voted to be represented by senators voting on "leap of faith" our impression , they were to vote on concrete facts, read the bill, and follow the constitution.

The entire purpose for healthcare reform was:

* Universal care - the bill does not achieve this.

* Cost containment - this bill does not achieve this.

* Not raise deficit - again, this bill does not achieve this.

The reserve status of the dollar is at stake with our current deficit. The jobless numbers are rising, Credit hasn't loosen up. People are trying to survive and our federal government wants to raise our healthcare cost and our energy cost.


What is the reason for Obama trying to ram thru the ObamaCare bill? Why is he so desperate to pass this and not allow adequate time to read it, and make changes? Why is the bill so complicated and practically unreadable? Does he really want you and us to read it? Why is he changing numbers in describing the bill? What is his ulterior motive to get this to pass in Congress and the Senate?

So the facts are:

Government invents Medicare and Medicaid but stiffs everyone for the bill, shifting cost to the private sector. States legislatures mandate who, what and how insurance is to be sold, including who can be denied coverage and when and for what reasons. These regs create a disparity of annual health insurance cost of $1,100 to $8,800 per users depending on which state you're in.

Same government group now says insurers are dispassionate and cost are out of control.

And now the people responsible for the mess they're the good guys who can fix it?

We, the American people, do not want to lose our freedoms for some cheap health insurance policy.

If the democrats go against their constituents, they will lose their seats to someone who will vote as a representative of the people who sent him/her to Washington in the first place!

November 2010 can't come soon enough to suit us!