Monday, October 05, 2009


First of all let us be perfectly HONEST with our readers, WE are NOT big supporters of Councilman Coffey.


After attending last Wednesday's special council meeting on the budget and then reading Thursday's "Confusion over past loans, city financial obligations, something is NOT making sense."


Something smells really fishy after reading this article.

First, we want to know:

Why weren't Deputy Mayor Malysz and Controller Garry present at that meeting?

England who recently had neck surgery, but has been spotted with Malysz and Council member Benedetti at Studio's Bar, and who is being chauffeured all over town by City Attorney Gibson.

Is that why Gibson is being paid $150,000 a year and is that in his job description?

Ok, lets get back to: Confusion mounts over past loans, city financial obligations, and why we feel Coffey is being set up.

What hits us really strange, was sitting there watching City Attorney Gibson pacing back and forth, then going in the hall but never spoke up at the Council meeting when the budget problems were being discussed.

After reading this article it seem like City Attorney Gibson had a lot to say, after the fact to the newspaper:

"City Attorney Shane Gibson said in a phone interview after the meeting there's nothing to cut beyond the $813,376 the council already know about."

* Oh really? That's NOT what Council President Coffey told us!

"the city's audit should not have been discussed by Coffey or other council members that attended the Tuesday meeting, Gibson and Mayor Doug England said."

* Why was England making these remarks about the discussion when he was not present at that meeting?

"New Albany has some time to respond to the audit prepared by the State Board of Accounts before it becomes official, Gibson said. Therefore the initial report is still preliminary."

That is "bullshit" Mr. Gibson!

What does the England Administration have to hide?

Plenty, wait until you taxpayers see the 2008 Audit!!!!!

It's going to come out and NO amount of SPIN is going to "cover up" what this Administration did with tax payers money in 2008.

We think the legal term is called "malfeasance!"

We decided to call Charlie Pride at the State Board of Accounts @ 317-232-2521. He stated this is not a complete AUDIT of the City of New Albany, and what they found will be public record when this audit is released. He had NO clue what City Attorney Gibson could be talking about.

He went on to explain: An exit review is for the purpose of a discussion with local officials about what the State Board of Accounts found in city records, payroll, spending, TIF's, departments and our accounting practices for a certain year.

They call in the Mayor, City Attorney, Council President, Controller and various others.

Our understanding that additional members of the council were there: Gahan, Caesar, Benedetti to hear the results.

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

First IF Coffey or one of the other council members who attended the "exit review" said anything they shouldn't have, why didn't City Attorney Gibson speak up?

Several time during the discussions. Councilman Coffey stated we can't discuss it until the report comes out.

We realize the Mayor has his underwear in a wad over several comments made about him. But, we will give Coffey credit when credit is do, he hit the nail right on the head when he said: "This administration has overspent. They are out of hand."

* Praise the Lord, someone finally admitted it!

As far as the mayors statement goes, he wouldn't want Coffey in a fox hole with him and Coffey should apologize for his other comments."

We are with Dan, until HELL freezes over and when the donkey's fly, will he ever apologize!

Our final thoughts, to Mrs. Garry who said, she knew nothing until she read it in the C/J.

Freedom Of Speech under the FOIA was emailed the info from DLGF after the England Administration was notified. We sat on the information for two days to see what the England Administration would announce the state decision on the budget request.

Like we said you can SPIN this anyway you want to when this 2008 audit comes out the England Administration is going to need more than a bulldozer and a backhoe to dig his way out!

Just waiting for the next shoe to drop...

Round 2 tonight, with Department Heads starting at 5 pm.

"Give'em Hell Councilman Price!"