Saturday, October 31, 2009


"...Next on Fox--"Did Mayor Douglas B. England really commit malfeasance!" Hannity and Glenn Beck will return in 90 seconds.


"...It's time for the latest immunity challenge here on "Survivors--Audit." The remaining twenty seven members of the three tribes-- the "England" administration, the nine City "Council members" and the "Controller's Office and her staff" --have been selected for this immunity challenge.

Contestants, here is your task:

Before you is 14 bank account reconciliation. You are to review the reconciliations and supporting data, providing an opinion on the adequacy of the reconciliations. If discrepancies are found, these are to be itemized and described on the supporting schedule. Each supporting schedule must have an accompanying subschedule that helps isolate the breakdown in controls that may be allowed the discrepancy to occur.

All workpapers must be appropriately cross-referenced. The first tribe to give the correct opinion, including all discrepancies, cannot be voted off tonight.


There is a long pause in the tape here. Only the sounds of pencils, paper and computer keys. "It is now five hours into the immunity challenge. Apparently all the three tribes are thrown by the fact that there is...


"...The categories are: Audits Throughout Indiana, Famous Audits, Potential Audits, Control Yourself, Checks and Balances, and Rhymes With "Got It."

"Carl, you get to select first."

"Thanks, Alex. I'll go with Rhymes with "Got It" for $200."


"...Welcome back to "American Audit." First, lets here from Paula."

"You made a wonderful effort. I can tell you are sincere about your desire to be a controller and, even if you don't win today, I think you will have a future in the public sector.

"Now let's hear from Simon"

"I am doing the City of New Albany a favor by telling you this. You are not a controller. You will never be a controller. You couldn't balance fourteen bank accounts or your way out of a paper trail, and your work papers look like something my dog slept on.

Do us all a favor and retire!"


(Music on the background) "Bad boys, bad boys. What you gonna do when they audit you. Bad boys, bad boys, what you gonna do when they come for you..."

Nothing like some Saturday morning humor!?!

News travels quickly in a small town, but unfortunately that news often gets warped as it moves from person to person and blog to blog.

The purpose of this posting is to give "clear facts" to rumors and half-truths that will appear in Sundays Tribune. We can see the headlines now:

"State Board of Accounts says main problem with city record keeping due to an outdated system. Problem is, it could be expensive to replace."

Gosh, did we really read that BS on twitter?

How about the real facts now that we know how England is having our Tribune spin it his way!

The implication that our mayor (cough) and his so called Professional Staff (cough) of the City are not "open and honest with us citizens on the decisions and choices they make and we face is an affront to everyone with whom they serve."

The State Board of accounts has released the City of New Albany's 2008 Financial audit.

The State Audit Reviews the financial activity to determine if New Albany is handling our Public Funds according to State and Federal Law.

Nope, England sure loves breaking the law: IC 36-1-10.5-5

Purchase Of Real Property:

On March 13, 2008, the City purchased, at Sheriff's Auction, the land and structure located at 318 E. 4th Street at a cost of $98,000. The city FAILED to follow the REQUIRED PROCEDURES for PURCHASING the property. Prior to entering into a purchase agreement, the City should have first PASSED a resolution indicating their interest in purchasing the land. Additionally, two appraisals should have been obtained prior to making AN OFFER or entering into the PURCHASE AGREEMENT in order to determine the fair market value and determine an ALLOWABLE purchasing price.

The bad news keeps getting worse!

Overdrawn Cash Balances:

The cash balances of the following funds were overdrawn in 2008.

General Fund....................$4,108,598

Motor Vehicle Highway.....$114,951

Park and Recreation.........$208,008

TIF Park East Industrial...$861,623

Redevelopment BAN

Charlestown Road............$1,230

Fire Pension.....................$596,125


Total overdrawn..............$5,890,535

The cash balance of any fund MAY NOT be reduced below zero.

*Routinely overdrawn funds could be an indicator "of serious financial problems "which should be INVESTIGATED by the government unit.

Breakfast at the Brickyard:

During 2008, the City paid expenses in the amount of $5,834 from the General Fund for flowers, membership and sponsorship fees, scholarships, meals, awards, lodging for "Breakfast at the Brickyard," and Christmas cards.

The City considered these expenses to be promotional and economic development purposes. These expenses were paid from the following General Fund departments and appropriations:

Mayor - Economic development - $2,727.00
Mayor - Miscellaneous supplies - $59.00
Mayor - Travel......................... - $335.00
City Clerk - Misc. Office
Supplies ................................. - $102.00
City Council - Misc. supplies.....- $150.00
Board of Works - .................... - $2,461.00
Total ....................................... $5,834.00

During 2008 the City did not have an ordinance that allows for these type of purchases and not all of the expenses noted were paid from the budgeted "Economic Development Expenses" appropriation.

Source: State Board of Accounts

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

First, let's see how Mayor England has our local Tribune spin his outrageous spending.

Who will be the first democrat member of the Council to have the integrity to call for his resignation and to call for a special prosecutor will receive the max contributions from many people who feel betrayed by England and company.

Who didn't question the spending. There is more questions that need to be answered, and everyone needs to be held accountable!

In addition to England's spending being "an embarrassment" it's also a crime.

It's called malfeasance!

There is NO way to sugar coat these findings.

The State Board of Accounts 2008 audit documents a lack of oversight during the England administration's watch and widespread waste of public funds!