Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Linden Meadows project is a good example that our City Administration has NO accountability!

State Inspectors found:

* Destruction all around
* Moldy floor boards
* Basements filled with water
* Basement leaks
*They never put in any insulation in a house that was sold
* Substandard work on roofs, siding and grading
* There are NO records of City Permit fees
* The Permit Fees were NOT collected by the Building Commission
* NO inspections performed on the houses

What do you all have to say for yourself Mr. Rosenbarger, Mayor England and illegal Deputy Mayor Malysz?

It was also reported in C/J, that the permit fees were waived by the city.

These uncollected fees have an impact on our city budget. Our City Council is now struggling to find enough money to run our city!

So - NOW what?

The Mayor plans to reorganized the Building Commission Department.

Did the Mayor and illegal Deputy Mayor Malysz even think of the danger of small children living in those dangerous houses with mold and asbestos?

Source: Courier Journal 10-22-09

The City is paying:

* Building Commissioner
* 2 Inspectors
* Administrative Assistant
* 2 or 3 Code Enforcement Officers

How can the City justify paying these salaries as Linden Meadows ends up in such a mess?

How dare you all "blame a lawsuit brought by neighbors" who opposed the project for this failure!

Where did all that HUD and Redevelopment money go?

"Betcha we know where it all went!"

Is the CHDO Board GUILTY of looking the other way?

We agree with you Mrs. Gardenour, "we would love to see the land returned to the Fawcett family and to be used for a ball park!"