Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The success of those selling Snake Oil Elixir from a wagon depended in their ability to stay on the move and prey on new, unwitting customers every week.

In the days of no mass communication this worked for many years.

Today however you can only pull off such a mass scam for as long as it takes for the word to get around.

Well, the word is out and people aren't buying it anymore!

When you tell people we can insure everyone and reduce cost, they don't buy it.

When you tell everyone we're only going to raise taxes on those evil rich people to pay off these trillions in new debt, they don't buy it.

When you tell people you're going to create or save 3 million jobs and the jobs losses climb every month, they don't buy it.

When you tell people we're going to cut $500 billion from Medicare expenses without cutting service, they don't buy it.

A con man's worst enemy is the truth coming to light.