Sunday, October 04, 2009


According to the media, members of the Democrat congress, Democrat spokesperson and former President Jimmy Carter, we are all racist.


Because we were proud members of the 9/12 March on Washington.

They play on words, have you noticed?

They are the Democrat Party now calling themselves the Democratic Party inferring we are not for democracy. They are now calling themselves Progressives, inferring we are not someone who wants to progress. You and we know that is political speaking for the same thing as Socialism not that they think it sounds better.

We do not agree with President Obama concerning healthcare, bailouts crap and tax, his many czars, and his actions concerning Israel!

If we understand what we see in the newspapers and other media, our attendance at the 9/12 march and our rejection of lock step liberal policies makes us all racist and right wing extremists.

Well, to set the record straight, we are neither RACIST or an EXTREMISTS group.

We are NO longer Democrats, Republicans, or Independents.

We are ALL Americans first, last and always... before party affiliation!

March day, September 12th:

What a wonderful and inspiring experience! To be standing with well over 1 million other patriots who love their country enough to fight to try to save it.

Two things that moved us:

* When we all sang the National Anthem. Tears, goosebumps, and the true sense of peace and unity. We cried through out the song as we held our hand to our hearts and looked up to the flag waving high over our nations Capitol...

There is almost nothing much more spiritual than that.

* The second thing was how the weather held off the rain. There were several times it felt like the storm was going to hit. But, God saw fit to hold off the storm. How symbolic of the very reason for our attendance: to hold off the coming storm.

We have had over two weeks now to absorb the events of September 12th. We don't know of any amount of time will every be enough.

When we walked into the sunshine and got our first look at Pennsylvania Avenue, our eyes filled with tears. There were raucous chants of USA! USA! and even a chorus of God Bless America.

We made our way to the street.

It was the most massive crowd we had ever seen, anywhere, in our lives. In every direction, as far as the eye could see, were seas of people, waving flags, carrying signs, chanting, talking, and laughing.

The march was not scheduled to start for over an hour - we were supposed to be gathering a block to the east - but the crowds had long since overflowed the space allocated.

It was an en stoppable force of nature - a melding of kindred souls into one enormous, cohesive mass of humanity.

As we moved en mass towards the Capital, we talked with dozens of people, comparing notes on where we were from, how long it had taken them to get there, why it was so important to us.

Every person knew, with complete accuracy, the stories about the stimulus, TARP, ACORN, Obama's czars - they were well-informed on all the offenses of government since well before the beginning of Obama's term.

And we were all determined to get the message across to Congress and the world - NO MORE!

We all chanted, "Can you hear us now!"

There were babies and children, teens and seniors. Every size, shape and color of person imaginable. People with walkers and in wheelchairs, even a few on crutches. There were people who could not walk far enough to go to the Capital, but had travelled to get there, to sit on a bench on the sidewalk to cheer the rest of us on.

It felt like the biggest, most wonderful family reunion in history.

Throughout the rally, even during the unpleasant times, like waiting 30 minutes in line to use one of the port-a-potties, not one cross word.

There were so many people that it was impossible not to bump into each other, but each bump was followed by, "Oh, excuse me! I am so sorry!" and "No problem!"

We really enjoyed reading the hundreds of thousands of creative signs.

They were very cleaver and funny and powerful. One said "No matter what I put on this sign, I will be called a racist anyway."

So true...

The ugly ones even offended us and of course were the most shown on liberal media!

One of our favorites were the people each carrying portraits of the founding fathers with tears running down their faces, and the one of George Washington addressing Congress with his hands raised asking Pelosi, Reid and Obama "WTF are you all doing?"

The issues written on our signs suffice to get our points across.

We wish we could find the words to explain to those of you who could not attend, how it was an honor to be there and what an amazing experience it was.

You see it all depicted through the filter of the media - mostly left-leaning (or worse) and virtually all clueless. They have not stood among the protesters, listening to the conversations.

They, and you, if you haven't been there, simply don't understand.

Yes, the people who attend the 9/12 March on Washington are angry, no doubt.

But they are so much more.

We would, literally, trust these people to stand with us and fight. We have met thousands of people, talked with them, shared stories - they are all our brothers and sisters.

They all love their country, enough to die for it if necessary. They are all good, hard-working, respectful individuals who only want to be free.

They were friendly, kind and helpful.

These people who attended love God, their families, their fellow man, but most of all they love their country.

They believe, with every fiber of their being, in the sanctity of the United States Constitution as the supreme and unbreakable law of the land.

Like we said, the tears came often on that Saturday - tears of pride, tears of joy, tears of happiness, tears of overwhelming emotions as we absorb the fact that we was with a million or more people who shared our love of country and were as determined as to not let her go astray.

Then we thought of all of those at home [back in Indiana], who had been cheering us on and saying how much they wished they could go - there must have been at least 200 people that we were representing.

The realization while flying back brought a peace we have not felt for a very long time - with that many good people to defend her, American cannot fail.

Our country, your country, will come through this, and will emerge stronger that she has been in our lifetime.

Thank you to all of our fellow marchers, those who could go to D.C. and those who could not.

The spirit of the Founding Father's lives on in each and everyone of these wonderful people!

God Bless America!!!!!!!!


BTW, we spoke to a DC police officer who said in his 36 years experience, this was the largest crowd he ever saw, the most peaceful well-behave crowd, and the cleanest crowd.

Not even ONE arrest...

Would we March on Washington D.C. again?