Tuesday, October 20, 2009


When candidate Barack Obama said during the presidential debates that he would sit down with any world leader without precondition, it was a rookie blunder.

But at the risk of seeming merely mortal and being someone with the gift of "never being wrong" he made the abjectly idiotic stance part of his platform.

Yet now it turns out there is one "enemy" Obama won't sit down with, and that's the FOX News Channel.

A few weekends ago, White House communications director Anita Dunn declared war on Fox News!

And who is Mrs. Dunn's boss?

You got it, none other than Barrack Hussein himself!

One mistake, mis-judgement, partial truth and hollow promise after another.

Yet, none of this is the Obama administrations fault, someone or something else is always to blame.

Especially, all of us racists who watch Fox News and who Marched on Washington!

So FOX is a wing of the Republican party?

What are NBC, MSNBC, CBS, and ABC wings of? The Green Party?

This criticism shows the profound weakness of Obama's administration style, so very similar to a dictator.

Obama should be ashamed of getting all the ass-kissing reporting that he's getting from NBC, MSNBC, CBS, and ABC. Never do they utter a discouraging word about Obama or the current administration.

They routinely even hide information such as Van Jones being a communist AND that he made this crazy video claiming that only WHITES shoot up schools, a sure sign of derangement if there ever was one.

What about ACORN?

Many of us have learned long ago to abandon MSNBC and seek alternatives for any semblance if unadulterated truth in the news of the day. Fox News has proven to be a valued and trustworthy source, and we find it insulting and unacceptable that the current president refuses to deal with Fox News.

If "NO" balls Peace Prize Winner Obama had his way, our only news source would be the state-run media.

Just like our local newspaper who refuses to print and tell the truth about Douglas B. England!

[That's a whole different posting down the road.]

All the more reason to stick with Fox News, Sean, Greta, Laura Ingram, Bill O'Reilly and our buddy Glen Beck!

What's Obama scared of?

How many times has Hillary and Senator Bayh been interviewed on FOX?

Campaigning is easier than governing, and in the Obama Administration's case, far easier than explaining why the governing you've done for the past 10 months has been such a miserable failure!

[Who does that sound like? Sometimes we truly believe Douglas B. England took pages right out of Obama's playbook. Again, that's in a future post here on Freedom Of Speech.]

See, it's easier to stay in campaign mode and attack FOX News than admit that what you've done so far hasn't exactly gone according to plan.
And from a 2010 standpoint, the White House and Democrats in general need something to fire up their voters, who aren't likely to be rushing to the polls based on the positive things Obama's done, Nobel or no Nobel!

Have you heard about the NEW government scam of Obama's?

Cash for Kids!

Cash for clunkers was such a rousing success [cough] the governments wants to try something that has already been tried in the UK -- cash for kids.

Yes, the government wants to open up savings accounts and dump $500 into it for every baby born.

Free money!

What could possibly be wrong with this idea?

We think Glen Beck can handle that issue.

This administration can not take tough questions. Time and time again the Obama administration has acted contrary to the best interests of the USA, both domestically and abroad. Look at the people who advise Obama - and look at the decisions he's made.

Fox is the favorite of the majority of Americans.

If Obama really wants to get his message out to the public, he needs to go on Fox News first. If he continues attacking them, he only looks as if he is doing one more thing to manipulate the media.

The problem with ABC, NBC, CBC, MSNBC,CNN and the rest of the news makers have become lap dogs to Obama instead of "Watch Dogs!"

They forget their responsibility to the public by bidding for Obama's acceptance.

While many focus on the fact that he is the first African-American President, it is more obvious he is the front man and promoter for the shared idelogy of a bunch of leftist "White folks!" Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, Larry Sommers, Harry Reid and Fancy Nancy Pelosi provide both influence and their own personal agendas, while Obama is the affable spokes-person for these thugs, traitors and crooks!

No wonder the Taliban, North Korea, Iran, Hamas and Hugo Chavez have been so enboldened as of late. These candy-asses in the White House can't even handle being scrutinized by one simple news outlet!

This Fox News war is just the beginning of this White House trying to control what the meaning of "free speech" is...

Our final thoughts:

Special thanks to Fox News for being the ONLY network to present the facts about ACORN, Apollo, the SEIU, the Soviet style Czar Van Jones (et. al.), and other corrupt organizations of the far left.

Hey Beck and Hannity, if you guys think Chicago is corrupt, you need to pay the City of New Albany a visit!