Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Freedom Of Speech has a favor to ask of you the citizens of New Albany. It doesn't take any of your money. And it only takes a few seconds to do.

You ask why? We ask why not?


Governor Daniels at:mdaniels@in.gov

Connie Weigleb Sipes at: S46@ai.org

Voice your opinion on Property Tax Reform

One of the big differences that we've noticed between those who get what they want and those who don't comes down to one simple behavior - whether they're willing to ask for it.

It also boils down to this one basic point property taxpayers - if we don't demand accountability in local government, we don't get Property Tax Reform!


Friday Rally--Noon at the State House

Citizens from all over the state are going on Friday to let their legislators know they have had enough of the cronyism and politics in the state house. We are coming to tell the legislators that we want our interests put first.

We want citizens throughout the state to know that Freedom Of Speech will be there leading a caravan to our State House. We support open, accountable government that uses our money wisely.

Not tax dollars for raises and Mayor England's new Lexus IS Coupe!

We want property tax legislation to be kept separate from other legislation.

Join us at noon on Friday ~ February 1, 2008 and look for the giant banner that says: "Politicians, do you want our houses?" Bring signs and posters. Let them know you are voting them out in November.

We all can say now that we have had enough!