Wednesday, January 16, 2008


State of the State address
by Gov. Mitch Daniels

Property taxes

Gov. Daniels stated: We are now called to act once again, together, on a great thing that is wanted to be done: to bring lasting fairness and affordability to the taxation of property in our state. The tenets of that framework are well known to each member, and a need no lengthy elaboration here. I ask you to take four - there's that number again- major steps on behalf of taxpayers.

First, immediate relief to every homeowner

Second, permanent protection against the return of unaffordable taxes, through a permanent, constitutional cap of one percent of a home value.
Third, reform our hopelessly unfair assessment system, with its unexplained inaccuracies and its unequal treatment of like properties.

And fourth, genuine limits on total local spending and borrowing, with none of the loopholes and exceptions that have permitted such spending to balloon in recent years. I hope you will join me in giving citizens what they have in most states, a final say over major capital projects through a straightforward referendum.

"I say, trust the people, give them the facts, and let them VOTE."

But we all know that this session has one paramount assignment, one act for which it will be remembered. Property tax reduction in all its dimensions will be hard work, time-consuming work. We must resolve to stay at it until success is achieved. Please don't make spring break reservations without a refundable ticket, because we're all staying as long as it takes!

Freedom of Speech would like to say the problem the General Assembly needs to solve is the legacy of failure where (1) we suffer permanent tax increases for temporary property tax relief and (2) property tax caps disappear. The foundation for genuine property tax relief is a constitutional amendment for a 1% cap on our property taxes that would let us know the maximum property tax we will have to pay on our homes. The 1% cap would provide reassurance that property taxes will be less likely to become an unaffordable burden that could force us out of our homes.

Even those who favor property tax eliminates property tax for individual income tax payers - need to face political reality and support a constitutional amendment for a 1% homeowner property tax cap as a necessary first step for sweeping property tax reform.

Is there a better solution out there?

Never has it been so easy to separate those who are part of the solution from those who are part of the problem. A legislator who supports a constitutional amendment for a 1% homeowner property tax cap is part of the solution, otherwise the legislator is part of the problem.

Below is an up-to-date listing of those legislators who pledge to be:

Part of the Solution

Governor Mitch Daniels -

Indiana Senate

Jeff Drozde -
Connie Lawson -
Tersea S. Lubbers -
Joseph C. Zakas -

Indiana House of Representatives

David Cheathem
Robert W. (Bob) Cherry -
Bill J. Davis -
Eric Allan Koch -
Michael B. Murphy -
Jeff Thompson -
P.Eric Turner -

Part of the Problem

Indiana Senate

Ron Alting -
Jim Arnold -
Vaneta G. Becker -
Pillip L. (Phil) Boots -
Richard D. Bray -
Jean Breaux -
John E. Broden -
Ed Charbonneau -
Bob Deig -
Mike Delph -
Gary P. Dillion -
Sue Errington -
David C. Ford -
Beverly J. Gard -
Brandt Hershman -
Glenn L. Howard -
Lindel O. Hume -
Robert N. Jackman -
Luke Kenley -
Dennis K. Kruse -
Tim Lanane -
Sue Landske -
James (Jim) A. Lewis, Jr.
David C. Long -
Robert L. Meeks -
James W. Merritt, Jr.
Patricia L. Miller -
Ryan D. Mishler -
Frank Mrvan, Jr. -
Johnny Nugent -
Allen E. Paul -
Marvin D. Riegsecker -
Earline S. Rogers -
Connie Weigleb Sipes -
Timothy O. (Tim) Skinner -
Samuel Smith Jr. -
Brent E. Steele -
Karen Tallian -
Greg Walker -
Brent Waltz -
John M.Waterman -
Thomas K. Weatherwax -
Thomas J. Wyes
R. Michael Young -
Richard D. Young -

Indiana House of Representatives

Terri Jo Austin -
Dennis Avery -
Jeb Barden -
John Bartlett -
Kreg Battles -
B.Patrick Bauer -
Robert W. Behning -
Matt Bell -
Robert J. Bischoff -
Sandra Blanton -
Bruce A. Borders -
Randy Borror -
Brian C. Bosma -
Charlie Brown -
Tim Brown -
Jim Buck -
Lawrence L. (Larry) Buell -
Woody Burton -
Mara Candelaria Rearden -
William C. Cochran -
William A. Crawford -
Dave Crooks -
Suzanne Crouch -
John J. Day -
Nancy Dembowski -
Tom Dermody -
Chester F. Dobis -
Richard "Dick Dodge -
Cleo Duncan -
Ryan M. Dversk -
Sean R. Eberhart -
Jon Elrod -
Jeffery K. Espich -
Ralph M. Foley -
William C. Friend -
David N. Frizzell -
Craig R. Fry -
Phil GiaQuinta -
Terry Goodin -
F. Dale Grubb -
Eric Gutwein -
Earl L. Harris -
Timonthy W. Harris -
Ron Herrell -
Phillip D. Hinkle -
George Phillip Hey -
Clyde Kersey -
Shelia J. Klinker -
Tom Knollman -
Linda C. Lawson -
Don Lehe -
Daniel J. Leonard -
L. Jack Lutz -
Carolene Mays -
Richard W. McClain -
Joe Micon -
Win Moses Jr. -
Timonthy Neese -
David L. Niezgodski -
Cindy Noe -
David Orentlicher -
Dennie Oxley -
Scott D. Pelath -
Phillip Pflum -
Matt Pierce -
Phyllis J. Pond -
Gregory W. Porter -
Scott Reske -
Kathy K. Richardson -
Michael A. Ripley -
Paul J. Robertson -
William J. Ruppel -
Thomas E. Saunders -
Greg Simms -
Mile Smith -
Vernon G. Smith -
Ed Soliday -
Steven R. Stemler -
Greg Steuerwald -
Dan Stevenson, Sr. -
Russ Stilwell -
Marlin A. Stutzman -
Vanessa J. Summers -
Amos Thomas -
Vern Tincher -
Gerald R. Torr -
Dennis Tyler -
John D. Ulmer -
Trent Van Haaften -
Shelli VanDenburgh -
Jackie Walorski -
Peggy Welch -
David A Wolkins -

Freedom of Speech suggest you contact these elected officials and voice your opinion on property taxes!

We would also like to thank the following elected officials, citizens and groups:

Senator Evan Bayh, Senator Delph, Activist Dave Bond, Activist Greg Wilson, Tax repeal activist Abu Henderson, Paul Wheeler (Patriot Paul) Ken Morgan founder of Indiana Voters League, Aaron Smith Taxpayer Watchdog
Representative Cindy Noe, Senator Dennis Kruse, Rep. Jackie Walorski, Senator John Waterman, Senator Brent Steele, Senator Luke Kenley
Chris Hiatt of Citizens of Delware County
David Coker - Taxpayers Association
Greg Wright Taxpayer Activist
John Price Chairman of the Indiana Property Tax Alliance

Pat Harrison, Kim Matthews of concern citizens of New Albany, Clarksville Tax Reform Action Coalition, Jeffersonville Alliance to Abolish Property taxes, Sellersburg Concern citizens Group, Charlestown Taxpayers Coalition and New Albany's Fair Tax Coalition for Property tax Reform.

Our thanks to all those who participated, and helped organize this Rally in such short notice. A heartfelt thanks to all citizens who responded by contacting our legislators.

Your right Mitch..."We say, trust us taxpayers, give us the facts, and let us vote!"