Wednesday, January 02, 2008


"Taxpayers of New Albany we're fighting for you!"

Property tax protesters will rally with candles at the State House on Thursday January 3rd to bring illumination to the plot of fervent anti-repeal Senator David Long (R) to kill SJR 0008 in the Senate Rules Committee without a hearing by the public and their elected representatives.

Citizens are aware that this is a political ploy used against the taxpayer in attempt to take property tax repeal out of the discussion for the 2008 legislative session thus making it impossible for legislators to vote for property tax repeal according to the demands of Indiana's citizens.

Citizen tax protesters understand that property tax is collateral used without consent of the taxpayer to guarantee many municipal bonds for municipal construction projects. This runaway government spending, in turn, is causing many homeowners to face the real potential of losing their homes and a lifetime of security.

Protesters from 92 counties will assemble on the northside of the State House with signs, patriotic costumes, candles, flashlights, and other illumination devices to demand that SJR 0008 is heard on the legislative floor by the elected state representatives of The People who expect property tax to be a permanently abolished in the State of Indiana.

Source: David Bond & Max Katz

Freedom of Speech would like to say if citizens lose representation and the opportunity to have an open debate on the property tax issue, it's logistically a two year setback for true reform and economic progress. Members of the legislature who deny Hoosiers an open debate or referendum on the elimination of property tax, should be voted out of office.
If members of the legislature are secure in their knowledge and beliefs, they'll have no trouble exposing them to the light of open debate where they can exercise the courage of their convictions.

Taxpayers of New Albany it's time to once again, email and call the people who are supposed to represent us, and insist on open debate of the property tax issue, on the floor of both houses!

Unlike our city, taxpayers pockets are only so deep.

Contact Information:

Senator Connie Sipes


Representative William C. Cochran

Freedom of Speech has organized a large group of New Albany taxpayers to make the trip to Indy on Thursday January 3, 2008. We will be there to voice the concerns of New Albany taxpayers.
Our concerns are increase property tax bills and out of control local spending in New Albany.

We also plan to check with state officials to verify that the recent salary increases are in line with Indiana State Law.