Sunday, January 27, 2008


The City of New Albany is a prime example of why the state "CAN NOT" control local spending.

We the "taxpayers" of New Albany appreciate Governor Daniels plan to control local spending in order to hold down our property taxes.

But, it will "not work" in New Albany!

For example:

1. The mayor and his new administration have already pushed through $250,000 increase in city salaries and benefits.

2. We understand that the England Administration wants to build a new $6 million dollar parking garage downtown.

3. The State Street Parking Garage still owes EDIT Fund about $3.5 million dollars to pay off EDIT Funds used to make garage bond payments.

4. The City Council approved and added another code enforcement officer position in 2008. For over a year we have been paying a code enforcement officer well over $30,000 a year plus purchased another truck, and our City still has many trashy areas.

5. City of New Albany used $5.3 million dollars of sewer utility fund money to pay our city bills. This money "has never been paid back" to our sewer utility fund.

6. City of New Albany contracted out our garbage pick up in the city. Our New Albany Street Dept. has to go out to pick up all waste that the new company DOES NOT pick up due to their contract.

Source: Items 1-6 verified through City Public records & local newspaper articles

Governor Daniels, we feel at Freedom Of Speech, that you have the best intentions, however, your plan to control spending "WOULD NOT" control local spending in our City of New Albany!