Friday, January 04, 2008


Last night an alliance of property tax protesters assembled with candles on the steps of the Statehouse to let it be known that SRJ 0008 will not die in the Senate Rules Committee on January 8th without dire political consequence paid by the legislators who killed it.

Consensus of this broad Alliance is for the total repeal of this broken property tax system and include the desire for all legislators to have the opportunity to register their vote instead of this bill suffering a committee killing. The people are demanding a vote from their legislators in open daylight.

Tax assessments are not accurate. They are prone to manipulation so that some people avoid them and others pay higher levels. It is virtually impossible for local government to make a fair assessment because of the expense. The typical process by which people use appraisers to determine market value is for two parties to each engage an appraiser and then divide the difference between the appraisal.


New Albany's Tea Party ~ Update:

The Tea Party Property Tax Protest scheduled for January 12, 2008 in downtown New Albany has been rescheduled to a later date due to the weather.

Freedom of Speech will inform the local taxpayers of the new date for the "New Albany Tea Party" to protest high property taxes.