Thursday, January 17, 2008


For us here at Freedom of Speech democracy is a question of human dignity. The right to freely express opinion and the right to be allowed to criticize and form opinions.

What the public does is not to just express it's opinions, but to align itself for or against a proposal.

Has Mayor England made it clear that he just doesn't care about the same priorities as many of the citizens of New Albany.

Giving RAISES does not solve our city problems...

When our Mayor stated: the salaries are important because they will enable him to "get moving" with his agenda, which includes an effort to attract more business and apartments to downtown and improve economic development in the city.

Source: Courier Journal

Why do you have to give these big salaries to some of the same employees who have been in these positions before? What did these employees do in the past to attract more business?

Is it true that Carl Malysz asked the City Council to give Tax Abatement's for VACANT buildings downtown?

Taxpayers, let's line up at the court house and get our tax abatement, so, we won't have to pay property taxes!

We know all about your agenda England...

When will you, Mayor England, announce the construction of a new apartment complex near the Hampton Inn?

We taxpayers thought that in a new position, you need to prove yourself before you get a giant raise!

What has happen to Public Service?