Tuesday, January 08, 2008


The check is in the mail, well sort of!

Your property rebate check will be in the mail by the end of January. The Department of Local Government has certified more than $300 million in tax rebate checks.

Don't get too excited though and don't spend it all in one place.

And to make matters worse, no one can figure out exactly how much the rebates will be.

At best DLGF Officials say you should take your 2007 tax bill, and add five to 10 percent to your homestead credit. That should give you a starting point to work with.

Source: Teresa Plaiss, Auditor

President Bush signed a bill intended to give public greater access to information about what local government is doing. The new law signed January 1, 2008 toughens the Freedom of Information Act, requiring that local government and agencies respond to requests within 20 days and creating a system for the public to tract the status of their requests.

Source: Heather Willis Neal - Indiana Public Access Counselor

As 2008 opens, January 1 marks the start of a new IRS mileage deduction for business use of your personal vehicle...always a popular subject with our readers. It's up a piddling 2 cents, from 48.5 cents a mile to 50.5 cents in 2008, despite the huge jump in gas prices.

Source: IRS

Saving the best news for last: Gahan returns as City Council President.

Congratulations Jeff
Freedom Of Speech Staff