Sunday, July 26, 2009


First of all, were not getting the service we pay for.

Second why should you increase our garbage rate when it was Mayor Garner who promised upon privitizing garbage services:

1. It would save the city xyz amount of money

2. there would be no future rate increases

3. city employees would not lose their jobs.

4. Garner even cut recyling pick up

So what's the real reason for a rate increase?

Mayor England, was the one who mismanaged taxpayer dollars. Why should we pay for his mistakes?

1) Don't raise essential services, cut non-essential services.

2) Develop alternative sources of revenue.

Possible sources included:

* Reviewing all town fees, e.g. impact fees, licenses, and permits

* Establish high impact fees for developers

* Follow fiscally responsible and proactive plan

* Prioritize needs/ essential services

* Full disclosure of costs for projects

* No increase in taxes and fees

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

Are the books of New Albany sewers, storm water, and sanitation wide open to public scrutiny, and is anybody doing the work of monitoring and reporting the financial changes?

Giving this Mayor more ratepayers money gives him more money to waste and spend.

It is up to you to help end these never ending rate increases. You can stop the City of New Albany Council from raising your garbage, sewer and stormwater rates.

Contact them by phone or email at:

Dan Coffey
Home: 949-1262
cell: 502-797-8347

John Gonder
Home: 944-3121
cell: 502-500-3333

Kevin Zurschmiede
office: 945-7827

Robert Caesar
Store: 944-3133

Stephen Price
Home: 941-9032

Patrick McLaughlin
Home: 949-9140

Jack Messer
Home: 949-9638
cell: 727-6809

Diane Benedetti
Home: 945-6240
cell: 989-7179

Jeff Gahan
Home: 949-9314

Ask them who they are working for you, or Mayor England?

Also, remind them, that they are all up for re-election in 2011!