Thursday, July 30, 2009


The much anticipated Obama, Crowley and Gates "beer summit" will play thematic fuel for thousands of media outlets.

Rumor has it Obama will reach for a Budweiser, Crowley will shoot for a Blue Moon, and Gates will reach for either a German brewed Becks or Jamaican brewed Red Stripe.

Obama has been quoted as "avoiding" designer beers.

It's been reported by Gibbs the definition for "designer beers" has yet to be legislated.

That's right. When Obama screws up he invites them over for a beer and a learning moment!

This invite for a "beer" is just a smokescreen.

Obama acknowledged the other day to have raised this to a Cuban Missile like crisis, and that he could have "calibrated his words better." Who in the hell calibrates their words, other than a bullshitter?

Gates and Obama suffer from the delusion that, if you are a black person, you have the right to disrespect and resist the police. And, if the police object, you can always play the race card!

Here is the real learning moment:

Crowley needs to first test the beer for poison by having Rahm Emmanuel drink some first [but NO backwash please, use a Dixie cup]. In the meantime, while Crowley drinks beer and is lectured black liberation theology from Obama and Gates, Crowley puts down his beer, stand up and ask Obama "where is your birth certificate" and walks out!

Cheers to beer, foolish remarks, overreacting and reporting for duty.

We should all be invited to the table for a beer!