Thursday, July 09, 2009


It is now rumored that Mayor England has appointed Deputy Mayor Carl Malysz as Building Commissioner.

How many tax dollars will this position add to Malysz's salary in addition to Deputy Mayor and Redevelopment Director?

It is also said that the Building Commissioner, Ron Hartman has been appointed Code Enforcement Officer.

Is this why our City Council recently approved the hiring of a second Code Enforcement Officer?

What qualifies Malysz to be Building Commissioner?

And, is he certified?

Didn't the taxpayers just pay to school Hartman to qualify to be certified as a Building Commissioner?

The New Albany Tribune, July 8th, page 2 listed Brage Benjamin under jail activity for possession of a controlled substance on two counts.

Is this the same Brage Benjamin who is a New Albany Building Inspector?

Does Mayor England require "drug testing" of all new employees?

How much more of the England Adminstration mess, can we taxpayers afford?

YES...we will need a larger jail to hold all the CROOKS in New Albany!