Sunday, July 19, 2009


To our Elected Officials,

Consider this letter written directly to you, should you find any of it the slightest bit offending.

Let's begin with the premise that you were elected to represent the People, and you were elected to uphold the U.S. Constitution. I guess you've pretty much heard it all, haven't you? Are you getting tired of hearing it?

If so, then we urge you to get the hell out of office and resign right now!

You see, when you stop listening to your constituents you no longer belong in any position.

Of course if you were a man or women of honor, or even one with the slightest amount of self-respect for yourself, you wouldn't be able to wake up and live the lies that you tell yourself, your family, and the ignorant fools you've managed to swindle each and every election.

Do you recall in your history classes reading about James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, and Thomas Jefferson?

We have no doubt that you've heard their names, and maybe someone once told you about their story, but you sir/ma'am spit on their graves everyday.

These men risked everything to obtain Freedom & Liberty.

You go to your office & meetings everyday, where you, your staff, and your partners in crime devise new ways to line your pockets and steal our money.

Who in the hell do you think you are?

WE are sick and WE are tired when every time WE turn around, you're trying to pass another Ordinance, Bill, Rate Increase, (you call them "services") in exchange for a better quality of life, for more of our MONEY to line your pockets!

Let us make something perfectly clear to you, and while we understand your on a "listening to constituents strike" ... it would be in your best interest to hear this.

You DO NOT know what is best for us, our family, our children, our friends, or our neighbors, and clearly you DO NOT know what is best for the City of New Albany or the United States of America!

We're watching you destroy our cities and America.

We're screaming at you to STOP the spending, campaign promises and you ignore us!

What could possibly be the reason?

You are in this for power and you're in this for yourself!

We're educated and reasonable people, why don't you care to hear what we have to say?

We watch the bills being proposed in the House and the Senate by those "allegedly" elected to represent us.

Some of us have even read more than you have on the very BILLS that you voted for!

You traitors attempt to regulate our healthcare, and you tyrants have the nerve to tax energy we need to live.

And...STOP taking away our disposable income.

We do not have "enough", who in the hell are you to decide when anyone has "enough"?

The American Dream does not end at $250,000 a year.

Americans hasn't felt such rage at government since 1775.

Trillions of dollars in debt and there's no sign or hint that YOU have any intention to stop there.

In fact, WE are hearing talk of a THIRD STIMULUS!

For every person that you trick into government dependency & slavery, we will show ten more the way of Freedom & Prosperity. For every person that you convince to accept a role as a victim for you to "save", we will show ten others the law of the Constitution and to hold you accountable!

For every person you brainwash into the "Progressive" ideology, we will teach ten others about the Miracle of America and the Freedom & Greatness of Individual Freedom!

We're sick and we're tired of you wrapping your Progressive socialism and fascism in our American Flag.

You take Freedom for granted.

You trade away the Freedom that our family members and relatives lost limbs for, sacrificed everything for, left their families to fight for, and that so many bravely gave their lives for.

They died to protect the Freedom that you think you have the right to PROFIT from!

You see this is "bi-partisan"- it speaks to all Progressives [Republicans, Independents, Socialists, Communists, Fascists, and Democrats alike].

Enough is Enough!

God Bless America

Contributor: Jason Bradley