Sunday, July 12, 2009


When our climate scientists can't tell us the weather tomorrow, how in the hell can they have any idea what man-made effects can have on long-term earth temperatures.

There is no creditable threat from man-made global warming; as a matter of fact the earth's temperature has been decreasing the last ten years.

The government can't even get their lies straight.

Speaking of Energy - the EPA admits the Crap-and-Trade Bill won't do anything or work!

Ever hear of Dr. Alan Carlin or NASA'S James Hanson?

Probably not, and that is the way the Obama Adminstration wants to keep it.

Dr. Carlin is an Environmental Protection Agency veterean who recently wrote a damaging report, warning that the science behind climate change was questionable at best, and that we shouldn't pass laws that will hurt American families and hobble the nation's economy based on Obama's incomplete information.

In a stunning rebuke of the Obama adminstration, NASA's James Hansen, one of the world's foremost climate researchers, called the American Clean Energy and Security Act, the anti-global warming bill that recently passed the House, "less than worthless."

Not only that, he referred to it as a "counterfit climate bill" that employs a "Ponzi-like cap -and-trade scheme" setting the nation on a "disaster course" as a result of the 219 members of Congress he accused of voting for it without reading it.


Energy Secretary Steven Chu said, "Denial of the climate change problem will not change our destiny."

What "destiny" do you think we are to have if we don't get our economy back to normal growth rate soon? Do you think climate change will matter at all to millions of starving and homeless people?

One has to wonder about the margin of error for calculating the "emmissions effects" and "emissions trajectories" as this is entirely speculative.

The word "temperature" does not appear even once, likely Mr. Chu can't chart a "temperature trajectory" due to the fact that he has not demonstrated that a correlation exists between CO2 and atmospheric temperature.

Well, at least this one appears to have paid his taxes!

Has this country's governmental body lost all of their senses?

How dare they impose such a restrictive "tax" in the name of global warming, perpetuating this hoax to the point of the downfall of American life as we have known it.

It seems to us that we went through this several years ago with BTU tax that they tried to pass, and that one was shot down.

We will lose more of our industry to overseas where they will not impose this on their citizens.

Like China and India for example.

How can they even consider this knowing that it will only lower the temperature by 0.1 celsius, over a period of many years.

The Senate needs to stop this ridiculous nonsense and start working on issues that are destroying our country now.

Unemployment, our economy, loss of our dollar value, which declines each time they run the printer.

How do they propose we as Americans earn a living so that we may pay "their" salaries and keep them in the style they have all become accustomed to.

It is time they paid attention to the "people" who work hard each day, are "honest", pay their taxes and are "law" abiding citizens, rather than the special interests you all seem to be so entangled with.

"Crap and Tax" will leave us poor, cold and in the dark!

Who would've thought the only person who could be seen as compent in this administration is Hillary Rodham Clinton!