Wednesday, July 29, 2009


How many more times are we going to have to hear the president or one of his lackeys [Pelosi, Reid, Gibbs] arrogantly say "we won", "we inherited this" and now "I'm the president". When will Obama Hussein stand accountable for himself and not blame his predecessor, and stop acting like his narrow victory is a free pass to bankrupt our country.

Have they forgotten the democrats were in power when he took the reins?

Let's quit the blame game and get on with fixing the problems.

Our media has been guilty yet again of not letting facts get in the way of hero-building.

We still don't see the kinds of demands on Obama that were put on President Bush, Clinton and Reagan.

No one ever points out to him that he didn't answer the question, or points out the possible dire effects of his policies on the poor and middle class he claims to want to help.

If the honeymoon is indeed over and the media becomes more critical of Obama, we don't think he will handle it well. Have you watched the raw anger in his eyes when anyone challenges him?

Btw, where is your birth certificate Mr. Obama?

Can we assume that all you Obama "kool aid drinkers" haven't a clue as to what will happen if the Senate passes the "crap and tax" bill?

Here's something to think about.

In a 300 page add on to an already massive 1200 page bill that nobody in Congress really has time to read [not even Barron Hill], all states would be required to adopt the building codes used in California!

We've got two Community Organizers, in the White House, with a hidden agenda known only to their financial backers, to Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, to Speech Writer David Axelrod, and to the Obama czars.

Czars who only answer to the President, and cannot be interrogated by CONGRESS but-are paid for, and managed by, taxpayer dollars!

Maybe that's why Gibbs so often looks so scared, and sounds so inept?

If Obama's Healthcare Reform Bill is proof and if the Health Plan Obama advocates, ain't GOOD ENOUGH for our elected President, and his family - [who admits they don't want it], and it ain't GOOD ENOUGH for the members and families of the House and Senate. then it "ain't GOOD ENOUGH" for "We the People, the citizens of America!"

Why should we let them cram this down our throats?