Wednesday, April 08, 2009


2009 - Economic crisis - 8.5% unemployment. Obama borrows $3 trillion from the Chinese, bails out banks and auto companies, drives DOW down 2000 points, a $409.6 billion omnibus budget bill, a $3.6 trillion budget, spends almost no time in Washington, goes on late night comedy show, takes 500 people for a meaningless show in Europe.

Then, President Obama told an audience in Strasbourg that the US had been "arrogant" and "dismissive" towards it's allies.

For a President to continue to blame the past, and to denigrate America whenever he can, is a complete and utter disgrace.

We have troops overseas being wounded and making scarifies while the leftist do-nothing "president" makes like a celebrity.

He is sending more troops who again are risking their lives, while he mouth's this stuff just to "appear" popular to Europe.

Who cares what Europe or any country thinks? Do they ask our permission before doing anything?

Did Russia check in before murdering and bombing in Georgia?

Did China check in before brutalizing people in Tibet.

Do the dictators of South America ask us our opinion of how they treat their peasants?

Do the Arabs check in before they behead and flog people.

How about Europe having to be bailed out of major wars in the past hundred years by the blood of young American soldiers.

How many Europeans died?

Obama is an embarrassment to the entire nation.

It will be interesting though, when Obama starts to pull out troops to save money.

Who will the Europeans call in when they need help?

"Arrogant Americans again?"

Where does Obama get the nerve to say that Americans are arrogant, the people of the U.S. are great people they are hard workers and they give to every nation and all people who need help, they give money, and food and clothes.

They have shed their blood on all lands of this world, so others can have the freedom like the U.S. has.

"Obama is a man of many words, but NOT a man of his word."

To all those who voted for him, congratulations!

Here's your so called ...Change!